Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hampton Roads Homes with Pools

Summer is right around the corner and boy does it get hot in the Hampton Roads area! The humidity will be through the roof this year, but you don't have to suffer in sweat! Not if you have one of these...

Search Hampton Roads Homes with POOLS. That's right! I'm talking about your own personal sparkling pool. All you provide is the pina colada with a cherry on top and heaven is now yours!

If you are looking for a home (and you should be because in this market it's the perfect time to buy) in the Hampton Roads area, you might want to consider one with a pool. A place to cool off on those hot days that seem to never end. Everyone wants to get away to a vacation. Vacations are GREAT... until they end and you're right back to the daily grind. They also cost big bucks and once they are over, all you've got are the pictures to keep you cool and relaxed. But what if you could bring the resort to your backyard? A permanent vacation waiting for you to indulge in.

It also doesn't hurt in the "cool" department either. Your friends and family will put you top on the list when they hear they can make a splash in your back yard! Unlike public pools..You have the choice of who you bath with. Is it not more annoying to get splashed on by a stranger while you are pool lounging, reading your new Vogue?

Wait a minute! Isn't pool maintenance really expensive? It's actually not as bad as people think. There are websites where you can do the research and see if it's worth it for you. When you compare it to the money that is thrown away on vacations every year, it's not much at all. Think of it like an investment in your well being. A sparkling backyard pool makes your lifestyle a luxurious one that you can be proud of. And buying a home that already has a pool in the backyard is much easier than doing the work and dishing out the money that it takes to put one in yourself.

It is a buyer's market out there right now and you can find some amazing deals on homes. Taking advantage of the market is a very smart decision. Even if you were planning to wait a few years, you might want to check into it because the prices for homes will only go up! As a starting point, go ahead and see what's on the market.

Something to remember... If you are looking for a home in Hampton Roads, where over 6 months out of the year can be sweltering, you might want to consider a home with a pool. It might be just what your family needs.

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